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1.  Cabinet System of Government was first of all initiated in:
A. India B. Japan
C. Britain D. China

2.  The Cabinet Government is also known as:
A. Absolute Government B. Responsible Government
C. Non-parliamentary Government D. Coalition Government

3.  The Cabinet System of Government which made a beginning during the times of George I suffered a setback:
A. During the times of George II B. During the Glorious Revolution of 1688
C. During the Second World War D. During the times of George III

4.  Most of the principles of Cabinet Government took permanent shape:
A. By the close of eighteenth century B. By the middle of the nineteenth century
C. During the twentieth century D. By 1688

5.  The Cabinet was for the first time accorded legal recognition in Britain in:
A. 1914 B. 1689
C. 1937 D. 1884

6.  Which one of the following features of Cabinet Government has been wrongly listed?
A. The President is the Head of the Cabinet B. The President enjoys only nominal executive powers
C. There is close co-operation between the legislature and executive D. All the Ministers of the Cabinet are taken from the same party

7.  Under Cabinet Government the administration of the state is carried on in the name of:
A. The people B. The Prime Minister
C. The Council of Minsters D. The nominal Executive Head

8.  The real executive authority under Cabinet Government rests with:
A. The Council of Ministers B. The Prime Minister
C. The Constitution D. The Parliament

9.  The real executive under Cabinet Government is accountable to:
A. None B. The head of the State
C. The Parliament D. The people directly

10.  Under Cabinet Government the ministers:
A. Must be members of Parliament B. Cannot be members of Parliament
C. Mayor may not be members of Parliament D. Must be members of Popular house of Parliament

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