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1.  Bureaucracy is also called:
A. Permanent executive B. Political executive
C. Nominal Executive D. De-jure executive
E. De-facto executive    

2.  Bureaucracy consists of:
A. Members of Parliament B. Judges of the Supreme Court
C. Top political leaders D. All civil servants
E. None of these    

3.  When we talk of bureaucracy we mean:
A. All public servants B. Only high ranking public servants
C. Only middle level civil servants D. Only lower level civil servants
E. Those working in the public undertakings.    

4.  Name the country in which there is committed bureaucracy:
A. U.S.S.R. B. India
C. England D. Canada
E. Australia.    

5.  Name the country in which there is no committed judiciary:
A. U.S.S.R. B. Yogoslavia
C. Pakistan D. Poland
E. India    

6.  Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as the characteristic of the bureaucracy:
A. It should be impartial B. It should be too rigid
C. It should implment laws in goad spirit D. It should work in close cooperation with the political executive

7.  From committed bureaucracy is understood a bureaucracy which has commitment to:
A. Plitical ideology B. Political leadership
C. Farm of Government D. Head of the state
E. Head of the Government    

8.  Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a characteristic of good bureaucracy?
A. It should avoid confrontation with political executive B. It should guide Ministers
C. It should provide factural data to the executive D. It should insist to the last on its viewpoint

9.  Of a good bureaucracy it is expected that it should:
A. Implement laws in letters B. Implement laws in spirit
C. Be too rigid D. Be flexible

10.  Of a good bureaucracy it is expected that:
A. It should help political executive in the implementation of programmes B. It should properly guide political executive
C. It should keep its records properly D. It should avoid giving classified information to political executive

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