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1.  In U.S.A. The form of government is:
A. Parliamentary B. Presidential
C. Absolute monarchy D. Limited monarchy
E. Dictatorship    

2.  In U.S.A. The President is:
A. Directly elected by the people B. Elected indirectly by an electoral college
C. Elected by the House of Representatives D. Elected by the Senate
E. Nominated by the Chief Justice of the state    

3.  In U.S.A. President is elected:
A. For a fixed term B. Can be called back by the people
C. Leaves office as soon as his party loses in the House of Representatives D. Leaves office as soon as his party loses in the Senate

4.  For his acts of omission and commission, the President is accountable directly to:
A. Senate B. House of Representatives
C. Supreme Court D. The people of the U.S.A.
E. The state to which he belongs    

5.  The President of U.S.A. is elected for a period of:
A. 4 years B. 5 years
C. 6 years D. 3 years

6.  The President of U.S.A.
A. Usually pilots all important bills in the Senate B. Initiates bills in the House of Reporsentatives
C. Sends messages to the Congress containing his legislative proposals D. Is silent spectator in legislative drama

7.  The cabinet in U.S.A. works on the principle of:
A. Join and collective responsibility B. Sinking and Swimming together
C. Individual responsibility to the cabinet

8.  Cabinet secretaries in U.S.A.
A. Are equals of the President B. Acept President as first among the equals
C. Accountable to the Congress for all actions D. Are subordinates of the President and can be removed by him

9.  The President of the U.S.A. is:
A. Real head of the state B. Nominal head of the state
C. Has only very limited powers

10.  In U.S.A. The President performs only:
A. Legislative functions B. Executive functions
C. Judicial functions D. All the functions combined together

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