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1.  The Federal Government of the U.S.A. Came into existence on:
A. April 30,1787 B. May 30, 1788
C. June 30,1788 D. April 30,1789

2.  In 1787, the original constitution was drafted by a convention held at.
A. Philadelphia B. Washington
C. Chicago D. New York

3.  The American Declaration of Independence was issued in:
A. 1772 B. 1776
C. 1783 D. None of those

4.  The United States at present is a federation consisting of:
A. 45 States B. 50 States
C. 52 States D. 55 States

5.  In America, 'the residuary power' are vested in:
A. The central government B. The states
C. The districts D. None of these

6.  The American Constitution consists of a Preamble and:
A. 7 articles B. 11 articles
C. 15 articles D. 22 articles

7.  The American Constitution is based on:
A. Principle of separation of powers B. Principle of co-ordination of powers
C. Principle of parity of powers D. None of these

8.  The Supreme Court was created by the original constitution of:
A. 1776 B. 1787
C. 1789 D. 1791

9.  The number of amendments effected in the American Constitution are:
A. Twenty-two B. Twenty-three
C. Twenty-six D. Twenty-seven

10.  The number of amendments which adopted in 1791 were:
A. Five B. Seven
C. Ten D. Thirteen

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