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1.  The Constitutional history of France begins with the French Revolution of:
A. 1780 B. 1786
C. 1789 D. 1790

2.  In France, monarchy was ended in the result of rebellion of people and the first Republic was announced on:
A. January 11,1789 B. September 15,1790
C. December 17,1791 D. September 22,1792

3.  The last monarch was of:
A. Bourborn B. Czar
C. Napoleon D. Louis Philippe

4.  The First Republic lasted form:
A. 1789-1799 B. 1791-1709
C. 1792-1804 D. None of these

5.  In 1804, a military adventurer who transferred the Republic into an Empire was:
A. Louis Philippe B. Napoleon Bonaparte
C. Gaulle D. Coty

6.  Napoleonic Empire was overthrown by Austria, Prussian and Britain in ______ when they restored the Bourborn Kings to the French throne.
A. 1806 B. 1809
C. 1815 D. 1821

7.  In France Second Republic created in:
A. 1815 B. 1825
C. 1848 D. 1856

8.  The President of the Second Republic was:
A. Napoleon I B. Napoleon II
C. Napoleon III D. None of these

9.  The Second Republic lasted from:
A. 1825-1830 B. 1830-1836
C. 1836-1848 D. 1848-1851

10.  In 1852, Napoleon III transferred the second republic into the second Empire, which was destroyed by the emergent Germany in:
A. 1855 B. 1865
C. 1870 D. 1875

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