Entry Test MCQ :: Physics Of Solids

31.  The electrons in conduction band are free to
A. Transport vibrations B. Transport signals
C. Transport charge D. Transport impulses

32.  Which one has the greatest energy gap ?
A. Semi conductor B. Conductor
C. Metals D. Non metals

33.  Many of the semi conductors are crystals of the type
A. Face centred cubic B. Body centred cubic
C. Simple cubic D. All of the above

34.  With increase in temperature the electrical conductivity of intrinsic semi conductor
A. Decreases B. Increases
C. Remains same D. First increases then decreases

35.  Holes can exist in
A. Conductors B. Insulators
C. Semi conductors D. All of the above

36.  On the basis of band theory of solids the semiconductors have
A. A party filled valence band and totally empty conduction band B. A completely filled valence band a totally empty conduction band and a very wide forbidden band
C. A completely filled valence band a partially filled conduction band and a narrow forbidden band D. A partly filled valence band a totally empty conduction band and a wide forbidden band

37.  In a semiconductors the charge carriers are
A. Holes only B. Electrons only
C. Electron and holes both D. All of the above

38.  The net charge on n-type material is
A. Positive B. Negative
C. Both positive and negative D. Neutral

39.  Very weak magnetic fields are detected by
A. Squids B. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
C. Magnetometer D. Oscilloscope

40.  Energy needed to magnetize and demagnetize is represented by
A. Hysteresis curve B. Hysteresis loop area
C. Hysteresis loop D. Straight line

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