Entry Test MCQ :: Nuclear Physics

1.  In nucleus of uranium the number of neutrons will be
A. 92 B. 235
C. 143 D. different for different isotopes

2.  During fusion of hydrogen into helium
A. energy is absorbed B. energy is released
C. mass is increased due to energy absorption D. mass is reduced due to energy released

3.  One amu is equal to
A. 1.66 x 10-27kg B. 166 x 10-15ng
C. 166 x 10-20?g D. all of above

4.  According to which one of following law the density of atom is uniform?
A. J.J.Thomson model B. Rutherfords model
C. Bohrs model D. all of above laws contradict the statement

5.  For chain reaction to build up the size of the radioactive target should be
A. greater than the critical size B. less than the critical size
C. equal to the critical size D. all of above can build up a change reaction

6.  Antimatter consists of
A. antiproton B. antineutron
C. positron D. all of above

7.  Neutron and proton are commonly known as
A. nucleon B. meson
C. boson D. quartz

8.  Half life of radium is 1590 years. In how many years shall the earth loss all its radium due to radioactive decay?
A. 1590x106 years B. 1590x1012 years
C. 1590x1024 years D. never

9.  Which one of the following radiation possesses maximum penetrating power?
A. ?-rays B. ?-rays
C. ?-rays D. all have equal penetrating power

10.  Electrons
A. can exist inside the nucleus B. cannot exist inside the nucleus
C. can exist both inside and outside the nucleus D. do not know

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