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11.  Stopping potential for a metal surface in case of photoelectric emission depends on
A. the threshold frequency for the metal surface B. the intensity of incident light
C. the frequency of incident light and work function of the metal surface D. all of the above

12.  Select an alternative from of uncertainly principle from the following
A. ?? = h/m?c(1-cos ?) B. ?E . ?t = h
C. mc2 = hv D. any of above

13.  The existence of Ether wind was experimentally rejected by
A. equal to its rest mass B. double of its rest mass
C. infinite D. zero

14.  If a material object moves with speed of light its mass becomes
A. equal to its rest mass B. double of its rest mass
C. infinite D. zero

15.  As the temperature of black body is raised the wavelength corresponding to maximum intensity
A. shifts towards longer wavelength B. shifts towards shorter wavelength
C. remain the same D. shifts towards longer as well as shorter wavelengths

16.  Rest mass of a photon is
A. infinite B. zero
C. very small D. 1.67 x 10-27 kg

17.  The name of the photon for quantum of light was proposed by
A. Ampere B. Plank
C. Thomson D. Einstein

18.  Einsteins photoelectric equation is given by
A. 1/2 mvmax2=hf+? B. 1/2 mvmax2-hf = ?
C. 1/2 mvmax2=hf-? D. all of above are correct

19.  In Compton scattering the change in wave length is max if
A. angle of scattering is 90? B. angle of scattering is 60?
C. angle of scattering is 180? D. angle of scattering is zero

20.  Davison Germer experiment indicates
A. interference B. polarization
C. election diffraction D. refraction

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