Entry Test MCQ :: Measurements

1.  Which one is not a branch of physical sciences?
A. chemistry B. astronomy
C. geology D. biology

2.  Which branch of science plays an important role in the development of technology and engineering?
A. chemistry B. physics
C. geology D. biology

3.  The number of categories in which physical quantities are divided are
A. one B. two
C. three D. four

4.  How many types of units are in SI?
A. one B. two
C. three D. four

5.  In scientific notation numbers are expressed in
A. power of ten B. powers of two
C. reciprocal D. decimal

6.  1024 can be written in scientific notation as
A. 1.024x103 B. 2 Raised to power 10
C. 0.000976 D. 1/0.00097

7.  Preftix deca represents
A. 10 Raised to power 1 B. 10 Raised to power 2
C. 10 Raised to power 3 D. 10 Raised to power -1

8.  The error in measurement may occur due to
A. inexperience of a person B. the faulty apparantus
C. inappropriate method D. due to all reasons in a, b and c

9.  The uncertainty in a measurement may occur due to
A. limitation of an instrument B. natural variation of the object to be measured
C. inadequate of technique D. all given in a , b and c

10.  Random errors can be reduced by
A. taking zero correction B. comparing the instrument with another more accurate one
C. taking mean of several measurement D. all methods explained in a, b and c

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