Entry Test MCQ :: Electronics

11.  The velocity of an oscillating charge as it moves to and fro along a wire is always
A. constant B. zero
C. changing D. infinite

12.  Which one of following band is completely filled in case of conductors?
A. Conduction band B. Fermi band
C. Valence band D. Forbidden band

13.  Which one of the following has the greatest energy gap?
A. insulator B. conductor
C. semi conductor D. any of above

14.  The value of resistivity for insulator is of the order of
A. 105 ohm metre B. 106 ohm metre
C. 107 ohm metre D. 108 ohm metre

15.  Thermions are
A. protons B. positrons
C. electrons D. photons

16.  Hole is equivalent to
A. a negative charge B. a positive charge
C. a neutral particle D. an electron

17.  Which one of the following is not a donor impurity?
A. antimony B. phosphorus
C. aluminium D. arsenic

18.  Forward current through a semi conductor diode circuit is due to
A. minority carriers B. majority carriers
C. holes D. electrons

19.  In the transistor schematic symbol, the arrow
A. is located on the emitter B. is located on the base
C. is locate on the collector D. points form north to south

20.  The symbol of n-p-n transistor is

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