Entry Test MCQ :: Electronics

1.  Electrons present in p-type material due to thermal pair generation are
A. majority carriers B. minority carriers
C. dual carriers D. blockers

2.  Semi-conductors with donor atoms and free electrons belong to the type
A. n B. p
C. mix D. any of above

3.  Semi-conductor germanium and silicon are
A. pentavalent B. trivalent
C. divalent D. tetravalent

4.  Acceptor and donor impurities donate
A. n-carriers only B. p-carriers only
C. p-carriers and n-carriers respectively D. n-carriers and p-carriers respectively

5.  p-n junction when reversed biased acts as a
A. capacitor B. inductor
C. on switch D. off switch

6.  In p-n-p transistor the collector current is
A. equal to emitter current B. slightly less than emitter current
C. greater than emitter current D. any of above

7.  In n-p-n transistor, p works as
A. collector B. emitter
C. base D. any of above

8.  The simplest type of rectification known as half wave rectification is obtained by
A. using a transistor B. suppressing the harmonics in A.C voltage
C. suppressing half wave of A.C supply by using diode D. using a Coolidge tube

9.  Identify the correct statement about minority carriers
A. holes in n-type and free electrons in p-type B. holes in n-type and p-type
C. free electrons in n-type and holes in p-type D. free electrons in n-type and p-type

10.  Depletion region of a junction is formed
A. during the manufacturing process B. under forward bias
C. under reverse bias D. when temperature varies

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