Entry Test MCQ :: Electromagnetism

11.  The magnetic force experienced by a charge particle moving in a magnetic field will be minimum when it moves
A. perpendicular to the field B. parallel to the field
C. inclined parallel to the field D. at an angle of 45?

12.  The relationship between Tesla and smaller unit Gauss of magnetic induction is given by
A. 1T = 103 G B. 1T = 10-4 G
C. 1T = 10-2 G D. 1T = 104 G

13.  If the plane of the rectangular coil is parallel to the magnetic field (i.e radial magnetic field) the torque on the coil is
A. ? = NIAB cos? B. ? = NIAB sin?
C. ? = NIAB tan? D. ? = NIAB

14.  SI unit of flux density is
A. NA-1m-1 B. NAm-1
C. NmA-1 D. NmA-2

15.  Magnetic flux and flux density are related by
A. magnetic flux = flux density / area B. magnetic flux = flux density x area
C. flux density = magnetic flux area D. flux density = magnetic flux x area

16.  The standard vector symbol for flux density is
A. M B. L
C. H D. B

17.  The charged particle enters the uniform magnetic field in such a way that its initial velocity is not perpendicular to the field the orbit will be
A. a circle B. a spiral
C. an ellipse D. helix

18.  An electron enters a region where the electric field E is perpendicular to the magnetic field B. It will suffer no deflection if
A. E = BeV B. B = eE/V
C. E = BV D. E = BeV/2

19.  Value of permeability of tree space in SI units is
A. 4?x10-9 WbA-1m-1 B. 4?x10-7 WbA-1m-1
C. 4?x10-10 WbA-1m-1 D. 4?x10-8 WbA-1m-1

20.  The magnetic field strength of solenoid is
A. B = ??NI B. B = ??N/I
C. B = ??nI D. both (b) and (c)

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