Entry Test MCQ :: Current Electricity

31.  SI unit of resistivity is
A. ? B. ?
C. ? D. ?

32.  Which one of the following materials is useful for making bulb filaments?
A. constantan B. nichrome
C. copper D. tungsten

33.  The resistance of a conductor at absolute zero (OK) is
A. zero almost B. infinite almost
C. no prediction at all D. may increase or decrease

34.  Why should a resistance be introduced in a circuit in series deliberately?
A. to increase current B. to decrease current
C. to control current D. just to give a good look to circuit

35.  Electrical energy is measured in
A. watt B. horse power
C. kilo watt D. kilowatt hour

36.  All electrical appliances are connected in parallel to each other between the main line and neutral wire to get
A. same current B. same current and potential difference
C. different current but same potential difference D. different current and potential differences

37.  Electrical energy is converted to heat at the rate of
A. IRt B. I2R
C. I2Rt D. VIt

38.  Which one of the following bulbs has the least resistance?
A. 100 watt B. 200 watt
C. 300 watt D. 60 watt

39.  A fuse is placed in series with the cireuit to protect against
A. high power B. high voltage
C. high current D. over heating

40.  Terminal potential difference of a battery is greater than its emf when
A. the internal resistance of battery is infinite B. the internal resistance of battery is zero
C. the battery is charged D. the battery is discharged

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