General Knowledge :: Water Resources

21.  The lower Chenab Canal starts from ________ .
A. Rasul B. Khanki
C. Trimun D. None of them

22.  Lower Bari Doab Canal starts from ________ .
A. Balloki B. Marala
C. Sindhnai D. None of them

23.  Marala Barrage is constructed on river _______ .
A. Ravi B. Chenab
C. Kabul D. Jhelum

24.  The longest River in Punjab is ________ .
A. Indus B. Beas
C. Sutlej D. Ravi

25.  The Sutlej River originates from _______.
A. Tibet B. Hemachal Pardesh
C. China D. None of them

26.  The Chenab River joins the Sutlej River near ________ .
A. West of Bahawalpur B. Punjnad
C. West of Multan D. Mailsi

27.  The Jinnah Barrage is situated on the river _________ .
A. Kuram B. Kabul
C. Gomal D. Indus

28.  Taunsa Barrage is situated on ______ .
A. Ravi B. Jhelum River
C. Zhob D. Indus

29.  The Districts irrigated by Taunsa Barrage are ______ .
A. D.G. Khan & Muzaffargarh B. Bahawalpur & Muzaffargarh
C. Multan & Muzaffargarh D. Multan & D.G. Khan

30.  On which of the following Rivers Guddue, Sukkur, Taunsa, Chashma Jinnah and Kotri Barrages are situated?
A. Chenab B. Indus
C. Kabul D. Sutlej

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