General Knowledge :: Water Resources

11.  River Ravi originates from ________.
A. Tibet B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Northern Areas of Pakistan D. Jammu and Kashmir

12.  The Ravi River falls in?
A. Sutlej B. Indus
C. Jhelum D. Chenab

13.  Three major groups of canal system are operating in _______ .
A. Pakistan B. Iran

14.  The length of Ravi River is ________ .
A. 901 km B. 725 km
C. 760 km D. 730 km

15.  Indus River originates from ______ .
A. Ladakh B. Tibet
C. Jammu D. Kashmir

16.  The length of Indus River is ________ .
A. 2,996 km B. 2,596 km
C. 2,896 km D. 2,396 km

17.  Head Sulamanki is situated on river _______ .
A. Sutlej B. Ravi
C. Jhelum D. None of them

18.  A Palla is __________ .
A. A crocodile B. A Sindhi folk dance
C. Dolphin Fish D. Important fish found in Indus

19.  From where Jhelum River starts?
A. Hemaliah Perdash B. Tibet
C. Indian Held Kashmir D. None of them

20.  Wular Lake is situated on the river _______ .
A. Jhelum B. Gomal
C. Indus D. Kabul

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