General Knowledge :: Punjab Study

1.  The area of Punjab is __________
A. 205344 sq. km B. 203344 sq. km
C. 205844 sq. km D. 204344 sq. km

2.  Punjab is situated on _______ side of Pakistan.
A. Southern B. Eastern
C. Western D. Northern

3.  Punjab is bordered by the Indian Held Kashmir to the __________ .
A. North East B. East
C. North D. South

4.  Punjab is bordered by the Indian states of Punjab and Rajhasthan to the _______.
A. East B. South
C. Northeast D. Northwest

5.  Which area is located in the South of Punjab?
A. Islamabad B. Sindh
C. KPK D. Balochistan

6.  The sistricts of Sahiwal division are Pakpatan, Sahiwal and _________ .
A. Rajanpur B. Muzaffargarh
C. Layyah D. Okara

7.  The districts of Bahawalpur division are Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and _____.
A. Bahawalpur B. Muzaffargarh
C. Layyah D. Okara

8.  How many divisions are in the Punjab?
A. 8 B. 6
C. 3 D. 9

9.  The Districts of Sheikhupura, Nankanasahib and Kasur are in _______ .
A. Lahore division B. Rawalpindi division
C. Gujranwala division D. Sialkot division

10.  The capital city poliice system has been introduced in _________ .
A. Lahore B. Multan
C. Sahiwal D. Faisalabad

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