General Knowledge :: Important MCQs

1.  The deepest place of Pakistan is?
A. Arabian Sea B. Keenjar Lake
C. Maditaren Trench D. None of them

2.  The second largest salt mine of the world is?
A. Warcha mine B. Khewra mine
C. Kalabagh mine D. None of them

3.  Name the largest city of A J and K?
A. Mirpur B. Bagh
C. Muzafarabad D. Kotli

4.  Soon Valley is situated in district?
A. Sargodha B. Khushab
C. DG Khan D. Chakwal

5.  The second highest peak of the world is?
A. Rakaposhi B. Nangaparbat
C. Tirchmir D. K2

6.  Dadu is a district of ______ province.
A. KPK B. Gilgit Baltistan
C. Sindh D. Punjab

7.  Manora is famous for?
A. Fresh Water B. Naval base
C. Hot Water D. Fresh Water

8.  The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called?
A. Durand line B. McMahon line
C. Red Cliff line D. Line of control

9.  The longest mountain range of Sindh is?
A. Himalaya B. Hindu Kush
C. Karakoram D. Kirthar Range

10.  Gwadar is a seaport of?
A. KPK B. Sindh
C. Balochistan D. Indian Gujrat

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