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31.  Ras Koh range is situated in ______ .
A. Balochistan Plateau B. Indus Plain
C. Karakoram D. Kirthar Range

32.  The Chagai Hills are located _________ .
A. At China border B. Near Quetta
C. Near Sibi D. Pak-Afghan border

33.  The Indus Plain covers an area of about _______ .
A. 203,000 sq. miles B. 200,000 sq. miles
C. 206,000 sq. miles D. 205,000 sq. miles

34.  The five tributaries of the Indus River in Punjab are Jhelum, Chenab, Beas, Sutlej and __________.
A. Ravi B. Ganga
C. Jamna D. All of these

35.  Doad means?
A. Land situated between rivers and mountains B. Land situated between two rivers
C. Land situated between two regions D. None of them

36.  The second name of Karakoram Highway is _________ .
A. Kaghan Road B. Silk Root
C. China Road D. None of them

37.  The land between the Ravi and the old course of the Beaas is called _________.
A. Ganji Bar B. Nili Bar
C. Chaj Bar D. None of them

38.  The longest glacier outside the polar region is _________ .
A. Batura Glacier B. Baltora Glacier
C. Siachin Glacier D. None of them

39.  Identify the Latitude of Pakistan?
A. 23.3? to 36.45? N B. 24.5? to 36.55? N
C. 25.8? to 34.41? N D. 26.3? to 37.48? N

40.  Identify the Longitude of Pakistan?
A. 62? to 77.5? E B. 61? to 75.5? E
C. 63? to 75.5? E D. 61? to 76.5? E

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