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  • Do spend at least half an hour today reviewing your work, but no more than an hour. Again, you?re not trying to learn anything new at this point; you?re just making mental notes about things you should already know.
  • Before you get too tired, lay out everything you?re going to need tomorrow morning: a picture I.D., your digital watch, your ball pints, and a clip board.
  • Set out the clothes you?ll wear for tomorrow, including any good luck items. It?s a good idea to dress in layers so that if the room is too hot you can take off a sweater, or if it?s too cold you can put one on.
  • You might want to bring something distracting to read or listen to with you to the test site tomorrow, and maybe something to munch on. If so, set these items out, too.
  • Charge your cell phone and set your alarm!


  • When you wake up, consider taking a shower or doing some brief calisthenics or other exercise to get the blood flowing especially to your groggy brain! If someone is taking you to the test site, make sure he or she is up, too.
  • Eat a normal breakfast, but not too much or you?ll be groggy. If you?re used to consuming some form of caffeine ? tea, coffee, cola ? then doing so is probably a good idea this morning. But only if you?re used to caffeine; if you?re not, now is not the morning to start.
  • Make sure you have everything with you when you leave, and allow enough time to get to the test site thirty to forty minutes before the test starts to allow for traffic delays and to get yourself into a good position for entering the exam room.


There will probably be dozens of nervous students milling around at the entrance to the test site, reviewing flash cards, skimming through their notes, or muttering to themselves. If I were you I?d avoid congregating near everyone else so you can remain focused, but that?s up to you and your state of mind that morning.

Make sure your ballpoints are slightly used. New ballpoints take longer to fill in the answer sheet bubbles than do used ballpoints points.

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