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1.  A self-socking screw is one which
A. Has locking arrangement B. Has a hole drilled through for inserting locking pin
C. Has coefficient of friction equal to or greater than the tangent of the load angle D. Has fine pitch screw threads
E. None of the above    

2.  A screw jack spindle is provided with
A. Vee threads B. BSW threads
C. Buttress threads D. Square threads
E. None of the above    

3.  Ball bearing type screws
A. Friction is more B. Are self-locking
C. Have load bearing capacity for more than vee threads D. Sliding friction is replaced by rolling friction
E. There is a ball bearing provided on the screwed shafts    

4.  While designing for screw threads care should be taken to provide adequate length of engagement for the screw and nut threads so as to prevent failure of threads in
A. Tension B. Compression
C. Torque D. Shear
E. None of the above    

5.  The minor-diameter cross-section of the portion of the screw between the nut and the thrust bearing is subjected to
A. Compression B. Tension
C. Shear D. Torque
E. Biaxial stress    

6.  The clamping nut of the turn buckle has
A. Left hand threads B. Right hand threads
C. Right hand threads on one side and left hand threads on the other side D. Has no threads
E. None of the above    

7.  Transverse slots are provided on a thread
A. To reduce stress on threads to be cut B. To reduce stress on die
C. To reduce effort required to cut threads D. For simplicity
E. For chip removal and lubrication    

8.  In a tap set, the first tap used in thread cutting is
A. Bottom tap B. Plug tap
C. Straight tap D. Taper tap
E. Any one    

9.  M 10 secrews have a pitch of
A. 0.5 mm B. 1.25 mm
C. 2.50 mm D. 5.00 mm
E. 10 mm    

10.  If M 20 coarse pitch is 2.5 mm the mm the fine pitch for the size would be
A. 10 mm B. 5 mm
C. 2.5 mm D. 1.5 mm
E. None of the above    

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