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61.  The bad smell due to decomposition of sewage, on account of the action of bacteria, is mainly due to the presence of
A. Dead bacteria B. Oxygen
C. Carbondioxide D. Hydrogen sulphide
E. None of the above    

62.  Which of the following plant is highly sensitive to mercury vapour?
A. Sunflower B. Ivy
C. Aloc D. Cherry
E. Sarcococca    

63.  The anitdote for the poisonous effects due to mercury, is
A. Vitamin K B. BAL
C. Thiosulphate D. Altropine
E. Any of the above    

64.  Which of the following chemical is least poisonous?
A. Arsenic B. Lead
C. Sodium D. Cyanide
E. Mercury    

65.  Thiosulphate is the antidote for the poisonous effect due to
A. Arsenic B. Lead
C. Mercury D. Cyanide
E. Organic phosphorous compounds    

66.  DDT is
A. An inorganic compound B. A compound of phosphours
C. A chlorinated hydrocarbon D. A naturally occurring chemical
E. None of the above    

67.  The science of poisons - their effects, antidotes and detection, is known as
A. Toxicology B. Minerology
C. Petrology D. Poisonology
E. Hermetilogy    

68.  Dust particles in industrial processes may be generated by
A. Crushing B. Grinding
C. Detonation D. Rapid impact
E. Any of the above processes    

69.  Suspended liquid droplets generated by condensation from the gaseous to the liquid state or by breaking up a liquid into a dispersed state is known as
A. Dust B. Fume
C. Mist D. Vapours
E. None of the above    

70.  Acute poisoning may be the result of entry into the body of large of concentrated doses of poison through
A. Breathing B. Swalowing
C. Skin absorption D. Injection
E. Any of the above    

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