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181.  The percentage of carbondioxide in atmospheric air is nearly
A. 3.2 percent B. 0.32 percent
C. 0.032 percent D. 0.0032 percent

182.  Which of the following gas has least proportion in atmospheric air?
A. Argon B. Carbondioxide
C. Neon D. Helium

183.  The volume fraction of ozone in atmospheric air is nearly
A. 0.02 ppm B. 0.2 ppm
C. 2 ppm D. 20 ppm

184.  The percentage of krypton in atmospheric air is around
A. 0.01 ppm B. 0.1 ppm
C. 1 ppm D. 10 ppm

185.  Which of the following constituent has highest proportion in atmospheric air?
A. Nitrous oxide B. Carbon monoxide
C. Helium D. Neon

186.  The average percentage of carbon and hydrogen in petrol may be roughly given as
A. 50% C, 50% H2 B. 85% C, 15% H2
C. 15% C, 85% H2 D. 70% C, 30% H2

187.  Ash content of a diesel fuel should not exceed
A. 10% B. 1%
C. 0.50% D. 0.01%

188.  The air consumption of a four stroke diesel engine per rated BHP per hour will be
A. 1 kg B. 5 to 7 kg
C. 10 to 14 kg D. 20 kg

189.  For the combustion of 1 kg of carbon, the quantity of oxygen required is
A. 2.62 kg B. 3.67 kg
C. 8 kg D. 11.6 kg

190.  The first aid for a victim of electric shock is
A. bandage B. sprinkling of water on the face
C. glass of milk and cold water D. artificial respiration

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