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171.  Which of the following fuel has maximum resistance to detonation?
A. Toulene B. Benzene
C. Iso-octane D. n-heptane

172.  LPG stands for
A. Liquefied petroleum gas B. Low pressure gas
C. Lubricated and purified gas D. Low purity gas

173.  Which of the following symptoms will not show that combustion is necessarily complete?
A. Presence of free carbon is exhaust B. Presence of carbon monoxide in exhaust
C. Presence of oxygen in exhaust D. Presence of nitrogen in exhaust

174.  Which of the following can have octane rating of more than 100?
A. Gobar gas B. Methyl alcohol
C. Benzol D. Ethyl alcohol

175.  The unit parts per million is identical to
A. Grains per galleon B. Pounds per cubic foot
C. Milligrams per kg D. Tonnes peracre foot

176.  Small concentrations of fluorides in water
A. reduce the prevalence of dental caries B. increase the prevalence of dental carries
C. cause irritation in eyes D. do not arm in any way

177.  Carbondioxide has all the following properties EXCEPT that it is :
A. colourless B. odourless
C. tasteless D. readily soluble in water

178.  All of the following pollutants affect heart EXCEPT :
A. Cadmium B. Arsenic
C. Lead D. Carbon monoxide

179.  If the pH of water is 7 it means the water is
A. acidic B. alkaline
C. neutral D. free from oxygen

180.  The term BOD is associated with pollution arising out of
A. air B. water
C. noise D. land

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