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151.  Electrodialysis is the process of removal of
A. soluble gases in water B. dissolved solids in water
C. suspended solids in water D. none of the above

152.  Corrosive action of water could be due to its
A. alkalinity B. hardness
C. dissolved oxygen D. Any of the above

153.  The speed of sound through water is nearly
A. 344 m/s B. 750 m/s
C. 1500 m/s D. 3000 m/s

154.  Carbon monoxide poisoning may cause
A. headache B. drowsiness
C. dizziness D. Any of the above

155.  Which of the following is unlikely to be the pollutant from a sulphuric acid plant?
A. Sulphur dioxide B. Sulphur trioxide
C. Acid moist D. Hydrogen sulphide

156.  Sulphurdioxide can be measured by
A. ultraviolet pulsed fluorescence B. flame photography
C. permeation tube calibratio D. Any of the above

157.  Which of the following gas can be analysed by chemiluminescence?
A. Ozone B. Carbon dioxide
C. Nitrogen D. All of the above

158.  Which emission has generally least proportion from a diesel engine as compared to a petrol engine?
A. Oxides of nitrogen B. Hydrocarbons
C. Carbon monoxide D. All of the above

159.  Which of the following pollutant results from decaying organic matter?
A. Acetylene B. Ozone
C. Ammonia D. Nitric oxide

160.  All of the following pollutants result from auto-exhaust EXCEPT:
A. Acetylene B. Olefins
C. Hydrogen sulphide D. Ethylene

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