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141.  BF3 counter can detect which of the following radiations?
A. Alpha particles B. Neutrons
C. X-rays D. Beta rays

142.  Addition to alum increases
A. hardness of water B. carbonates of water
C. sulphates in water D. Acidity of water

143.  Aeration of water is done for all of the following purposes EXCEPT for:
A. removal of bad tastes B. removal of carbon dioxide
C. increasing the quantity of oxygen in water D. removal of temporary hardness

144.  When the trees are to be planted by the road side the minimum distance from the out edge of side width should be
A. 0.5 to 1 metre B. 2 to 3 metres
C. 5 to 8 metres D. 12 to 15 metres

145.  Which of the following area of work needs lowest noise level?
A. Gymnasiums B. Lecture halls
C. Library D. Kitchens

146.  Geiger Muller counter can detect
A. beta rays B. X-rays
C. gamma rays D. All of the above

147.  Mycotoxins are poisonous chemicals produced by
A. bacteria B. virus
C. molds D. algae

148.  Fuel which detonates easity is
A. Benzene B. Iso-octance
C. n-heptane D. Toulene

149.  Which of the following is not a constituent of coal?
A. Hydrogen B. Nitrogen
C. Inorganic matter D. Manganese

150.  Which of the following engines uses two fuels simulataneously?
A. Multifuel engine B. Wankel engines
C. Free piston gas generator D. Dual fuel engines

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