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131.  The rate at which atoms of radioactive sources disintegrate is measured in terms of
A. Cuire B. Atomic number
C. Wavelength D. Frequency

132.  The noise level due to auto horn may be of the order of
A. 110 dB B. 80 dB
C. 50 dB D. 35 dB

133.  The speed of sound through human body is around
A. 344 m/s B. 688 m/s
C. 1560 m/s D. 3120 m/s

134.  Normally the colour of exhaust from a diesel engine is
A. black B. white
C. yellow D. reddish

135.  The emission of carbon monoxide in automobile exhaust will be low when the vehicle is
A. idling B. accelerating
C. cruising at low speeds D. cruising at high speeds

136.  Swimming pool water requires
A. pre-chlorination B. super-chlorination
C. dual-chlorination D. de-chlorination

137.  Which of the following disease is associated with air pollution?
A. Bronchial asthma B. Chronic bronchitis
C. Emphysema D. All of the above

138.  Protection from radiations is possible through
A. shielding of source of radiation B. increased distance from the source of radiation
C. limitation on time of exposure D. All of the above

139.  When the trees are planted by road side, the average distance between two trees should be
A. 2 to 3 metres B. 5 to 8 metres
C. 10 to 15 metres D. 25 to 30 metres

140.  Ionisation chamber can be used for the detection of all of the following EXCEPT
A. beta rays B. X-rays
C. gamma rays D. Alpha rays

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