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121.  One kg of octane is burnt by four alternative processes given below. In which case the work available will be maximum
A. When burnt in an open pan in atmosphere B. When burnt in an internal combustion engine
C. When burnt in a fuel cell D. When burnt in a reversible process

122.  How many kg of air will contain one kg of oxygen?
A. 1 kg B. 4.35 kg
C. 8.70 kg D. 12.5 kg

123.  Out of the following diesel engines, the minimum air consumption per BHP will be in
A. 4 stroke mechanical injection B. 4 stroke air injection
C. 2 stroke mechanical injection pump scavenging D. 2 stroke air injection

124.  Which fuel will have least air consumption per kg of fuel during consumption?
A. Gasoline B. Benzol
C. Spirit D. Lubricating oil

125.  Which of the following acts as ignition accelerator for C.I. engine fuels?
A. Acetone peroxide B. Hydrogen peroxide
C. Aromatic compounds D. n-heptane

126.  Which of the following does not use ambient air for propulsion?
A. Turbo jet B. Pulse jet
C. Turbo-prop D. Rocket

127.  The speed of sound will be maximum through
A. Water B. Alcohol
C. Concrete D. Aluminium

128.  All of the following pollutants are produced as a result of decaying organic matter EXCEPT
A. Ammonia B. Sulphur dioxide
C. Methane D. Hydrogen sulphide

129.  Which of the following has least wave-length?
A. Cosmic rays B. Ultraviolet rays
C. X-rays D. Gamma rays

130.  Term REM is used for
A. solar radiation B. flame photography
C. radiation exposure D. none of the above

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