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111.  Which of the following area of work needs lowest level of illumination?
A. Engraving B. Cloth inspection
C. Assembly of instrument D. Paper converting processes

112.  Scintillation counter can detect
A. beta rays B. X-rays
C. gamma rays D. All of the above

113.  The incubation period of Typhoid bacillus causing typhoid fever is
A. 1 to 3 days B. 3 to 5 days
C. 7 to 21 days D. 20 to 30 days

114.  For minimal eye irritation, pH value of swimming pool water should be in the range
A. 6.2 to 6.8 B. 6.5 to 7.0
C. 7.0 to 7.2 D. 7.5 to 7.6

115.  Which of the following area of work needs highest level of illumination?
A. Bakeries B. Book binding
C. Confectionary factory D. Clothing factory

116.  The desirable temperature inside an air conditioned auditorium is
A. 0?C B. 5?C
C. 10?C D. 20?C

117.  Curies is a measure of
A. biological effect of radiation which a man can sustain B. the rate at which atoms of radioactive sources disintegrate
C. 86 ergs of energy per gram of air D. ions percent in an ionised gas

118.  Low grade fuels have
A. low moisture content B. low ash content
C. low calorific value D. low carbon content

119.  Water gas is a mixture of
A. CO and H2 B. N2 and H2
C. CO2 and N2 D. SO2, CO2 and N2

120.  A fuel of octane rating 85 matches the antiknock qualities of a mixture consisting of
A. 85% petrol + 15% diesel B. 15% petrol + 85% diesel
C. 85% benzene + 15% methyl chloride D. 85% octane + 15% heptane

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