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101.  All of the following are souhd obsorptive materials EXCEPT:
A. Rugs B. Mirrors
C. Carpets D. Heavy drapes

102.  Permissible noise level in small conference room is
A. 10 to 15 dB B. 15 to 25 dB
C. 35 to 40 dB D. 55 to 60 dB

103.  Which of the following radio-nuclide has the shortest half life?
A. Carbon 14 B. Cesium 137
C. Cobalt 60 D. Iodine 131

104.  Which of the following symptom is not common between food poisoning and carbon monoxide poisoning?
A. Nausea B. Vomiting
C. Headache D. All of the above

105.  Desalination is usually needed for
A. well water B. rain water
C. sea water D. river water

106.  Which of the following operation produces highest noise level?
A. welding B. Riveting
C. Machining D. Pressing

107.  Electric fuses provide protection against
A. sparking B. overloads
C. single phasing D. low current and voltage

108.  For controlling algae, the chemical generally used is
A. alum B. lime
C. copper sulphate D. bleaching powder

109.  Car speed of a lift is usually
A. 0.1 to 0.3 m/s B. 0.5 to 1 m/s
C. 2 to 5 m/s D. 7 to 10 m/s

110.  Which of the following shading device will transmit least leat inside a room?
A. Plain glass sheet 3 mm thick B. Plain glass sheet with wire mesh outside
C. Plain glass sheet with Venetion blind inside D. Plain glass with curtain inside

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