CSS :: Television Stations in Pakistan

1.  Business Plus is owned by the:
A. Independent Group B. Jang Group
C. Total Media Solutions Company D. None of these

2.  The Total Media Solutions Company owns an English newspaper:
A. Daily Times B. Daily Dawn
C. Friday Times D. None of these

3.  Pakistan's first independent satellite channel is:
A. ARY B. Awaz TV
C. Indus Vision D. None of these

4.  The first GM of PTV was:
A. Zubair Pirzada B. Ubaidur Rahman
C. Mumtaz Hamid Rao D. None of these

5.  24 hour business news channel with hourly updates from the Karachi stock Exchange is:
A. Geo B. Dawn News
C. Business Plus D. None of these

6.  The ARY Group of companies is, a Dubai-based holding company founded by a Pakistani businessman:
A. Salman Taseer B. abdul Razzak Yaqoob
C. Yousaf Bahi D. None of these

7.  ATV was launched on:
A. May 24th 2007 B. June 24th 2005
C. March 23rd 2009 D. None of these

8.  ARY Digital, formerly known as:
A. STN B. Pakistani Channel
C. Indus D. None of these

9.  ARY Digital, was launched in the:
C. UK D. None of these

10.  The ARY Group, owners of the network, announced the launch of the ARY Digital Tower, one of the tallest media buildings in the:
A. Pakistan B. UAE
C. Qatar D. None of these

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