CSS :: Newspaper and Magazine Evolution Pakistan

1.  The first Persian newspaper was:
A. Jam-i-Jahan Numa B. Mirat-ul-Akhbar
C. Mufarrih-ul-Akhbar

2.  Mirat-ul-akhbar was appeared on:
A. April 20. 1822 B. August 24. 1820
C. August 20. 1820 D. None of these

3.  The Persian nespaper Shams-ul-Akhbar of Calcutta was a:
A. Bi-lingual weekly B. Tri-lingual weekly
C. Weekly D. None of these

4.  The first Muslim-owned newpaper was:
A. Sultan-ul-Akhbar B. Ain-i-Sikandari
C. Mah-i-Alam Afroz

5.  Mah-i-Alam Afroz of Calcutta to appeared in:
A. 1833 B. 1835
C. 1831 D. None of these

6.  Sultan-ul-Akhbar of Calcutta appeared in:
A. 1825 B. 1835
C. 1841 D. None of these

7.  Agra Akhbar of Agra appeared in:
A. 1831 B. 1832
C. 1833 D. None of these

8.  Zubdat-ul-Akhbar from Agra was written by:
A. Muhammad Bakr B. Maulvi Syed Muhammad Khan
C. Maulvi Siraj-ud-Din-Khan D. None of these

9.  The editor of Ain-i-Sikandari was:
A. Maulvi Syed Muhammad Khan B. Maulvi Siraj-ud-Din Ahmed Lukhanavi
C. Maulvi Wahaj-ud-Din D. None of these

10.  The editor of Mah-i-Alam Afroz (1833) was:
A. Maulvi Mohd Bakr B. Maulvi Wahaj-ud-Din
C. Syed Awlaad Ali D. None of these

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