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1.  A mans age is three times his sons. In 15 years it will be double that of his sons. How old is the son now?
A. 30 B. 15
C. 45 D. none

2.  A sum of the present ages of a mother and daughter is 63. Three years back if the age of the mother was double that of the daughter then the present age of the daughter is:
A. 21 years B. 24 years
C. 22 years D. 15 years

3.  The product of the ages of two class fellows is 24. If the greater fellow is 3/2 times the smaller one then the age of the smaller fellow is:
A. 8 B. 6
C. 4 D. 2

4.  Meena is thrice as old as Sheraz. Fatima will be twice as old as Meena 6 years hence. Six years ago Sheraz was five years old. What is Fatimas present age?
A. 65 B. 70
C. 68 D. 72

5.  Cs mother was four times as old as C ten years ago. After 10 years she will be twice as old as C is now. How old C is now?
A. 15 B. 30
C. 20 D. 25

6.  A mothers age after 5 years will be twice the age of her daughter. The difference of their ages is 19. What is the age of mother?
A. 13 B. 33
C. 15 D. 12

7.  The ages of X and Y are in the ratio 7:4. If the sum of their present ages is 55 then the age of X is:
A. 20 B. 25
C. 30 D. 35

8.  The sum of the ages of a son and a father is 64. After 4 years the age of father will be three times that of his sons. The age of father is:
A. 40 B. 50
C. 44 D. 45

9.  Ages of A and B are in ration 8:7. 27 years ago their ages were in the ration 5:4. The age of B is:
A. 63 B. 65
C. 68 D. 72

10.  A father is 15 times older than his son. However 18 years later he will be only thrice as old as the son. What is the fathers present age?
A. 21 B. 25
C. 45 D. 60

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