CSS :: Limitation Act 1908

1.  The Limitation Act, 1908 was enacted on
A. 7th June, 1908 B. 7th July, 1908
C. 7th August, 1908

2.  The Limitation Act, 1908 was enforced on
A. First day of January, 1909 B. First day of March, 1009
C. First day of May, 1909

3.  The Limitation Act, of 1908 contains_____ sections
A. 30 B. 32
C. 34

4.  The Limitation Act of 1908 dontains_____ Schedule
A. 1 B. 2
C. 4

5.  The Law of Limitation is not applicable to
A. Civil matters B. Revenue matters
C. Inheritance matters

6.  Definitions are provided in section____ of limitation Act, of 1908
A. 2 B. 2-A
C. 3

7.  A suit filed, appeal preferred and application made after period of limitation
A. Would be accepted B. Would be dismissed
C. None of above

8.  As per section 4, of The Limitation Act of 1908 where the period of limitation prescribed for any suit, appeal or application expires on a day when the Court is closed
A. The suit appeal or application can not be filed later B. The suit, appeal or application may be instituted preferred on the day when Court re-opens
C. Both (a) and (b)

9.  Section 5 of Limitation Act provides
A. Bar upon institution of suits B. Bar upon institution of appeals
C. Extension of limitation period in certain cases

10.  Legal disability is provided in section_____ of the Limitation Act, 1908
A. 5-A B. 6
C. 6-A

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