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  Would you lie for the organization

Asma said:    
I will never lie for the organization whether it is beneficial for the organization or not. Telling lie doesn't solve the problems.

Khan said:    
I have my own values and vision to follow and grow. I have been brought up trained in some different environment. I am very sincere and honest with my duties as well as organization. I think, it will be not in favor of organization to tell a lie to hide any shortcoming or drawback. I consider this organization worthy enough to work on some set rules and ethical values which is the real asset of the company. We should work with heart and soul for the company to achieve targets with excellence. Perfection should be our motto but we can’t avoid mistakes. I f we accept our mistakes instead of concealing our weaknesses through telling a lie, it will surely make room for improvement. My working place is very dear to me but I would never harm its worth by telling something wrong to our clients.

adila said:    
anything is adopted to grow up, but i d'nt think so that tell a lie leads us to grow up.

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