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  if you get huge money like get a 10 million lottery, Would you continue work

Shahzad said:    

I accept money is important in our life but it is money is not final achievement in man’s life. It is in the nature of person of having name, fame and wealth and getting satisfaction in life.

If I describe myself I would like to play any constructive role by doing some job in an excellent way being appreciated by others. Appreciation of my work is the proof of my skill and talent which will make me feel exalted one and that’s my pride. The huge money can’t give me such feelings of success. Moreover, it may be my today’s companion and tomorrow may be somewhere else. However, the money will definitely give me confidence and opportunity to refine my skills. I would like to be with my skills, talent and job as these are my permanent earning tools. I would never think of quitting my job at all.

Asma said:    
Without work life is useless and boring. So yes I still work. Also the money without hardwork will not stay longer.

adila said:    
when work becomes passion, no other thing more valuable.

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