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  How do you define success

Cheema said:    

This is an interesting question. I can t define success without defining the triangle including specific goal, individual or group trying to get that goal and the person or a group of people judging the results.

Everybody has his own limits and values and limits, so definition of success varies from person to person. It is nice to ask for my definition of success. I would like to define success as “The achievement of targeted goal in an excellent way by fulfilling the demands of your job, company and satisfying the clients within your values.”

You can’t be considered successful in all spheres of life as you are working in a specific circle and your success is confined only to that sphere.

Asma said:    
Success is a hardwork which can only be achieved through endless efforts to achieve the desired goals.

adila said:    
success is the satisfaction of heart and mind.

attia said:    
i sucess in my field but i confused to rearlly my sucess............

success is the name of endless efforts through which we get our target

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