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  What are your other interests

Raza said:    

I like to play football or any other game that involves team work. It is really an excitement to be driven by targets. I am considered a match wining player as I am very aggressive to build pressure against the opposite team. Sometimes I love to like play games on computer based on strategies. It makes my mind quite fresh and relaxed. I have a good collection of games at home. I like to share those with my friends and cousins. It’s really a pleasant exchanging games and giving our comments in free time.

I am also interested in self-management and I love to read such books. I have so many books on the topic of positive thinking and self-management etc written by different trainers. I also search these topics on internet and enjoy videos. Besides this, it sounds good to go on picnic parties with my family and it gives me feeling of mentally relaxation.

Asma said:    
I love to read books and net surfing.

adila said:    
fond of reading about developed personalities, dynamic writings, and one is homely love in cooking.

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