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Interview :: HR interview questions and answers for freshers

  How many career options are there right now for you

Kim said:    

There is no opportunity and at the same time there are countless opportunities, it’s up to you. If you are not confident of your abilities and talent, you will find every vacancy already filled. Your Knowledge, experience and clear vision of your of goal include you in those people who are invited everywhere.

I am qualified person with experience and result oriented history. There are so many opportunities but I have selected this company to be interviewed. For me money is secondary consideration. I want to the part of self-motivated and dynamic team striving for excellence. I only need the platform for the exposure of my innovative talent, skills and knowledge. I believe in focusing single opportunity with confidence as it is according to my attitude and aptitude. I am sure of wining the trust of this company.

Asma said:    
MMy career options are to get selected in your company and if I am selected then I will try my level best to be an efficient employer.

adila said:    
there is two career options for me,one is yours and definitely i want to achieve both. other is related to government teaching job.

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