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  Are you over qualified for this post

Nazir said:    
Yes I am, but it should be considered my extra ability to be appointed for this job. My over qualification and experience will be beneficial enough for future prospective of this organization. Excellent performance needs proper qualification. Big or small job can’t be judged by qualification. I believe in excellence by utilizing my knowledge and skills. I have knowledge and comprehension of leadership qualities and experience. I know the importance of good team work and what makes an excellent team lead. I consider it as my positive point as this thing will put more responsibilities and expectations before me. Already well qualified and experienced person starts with productive efforts and guides others which can bring good return on investment for of company. I assure you that my appointment for this job will prove productive and fruitful for the company.

Asma said:    
No I am not. I am well qualified for this job. My qualifications will help me to do the better job so that I can learn things quickly and it will also favor me to handle more responsibilities.

adila said:    
i think this is related to advancement of mind so thats very suitable to any live person.

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