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  What was your ideal company, location and job

Shahood said:    

An ideal company fulfills the professional, inspirational and emotional needs of its employees.

For me an ideal company is that where I may find an opportunity to expose my abilities, skills and feelings of responsibility “I am playing a vital role in the development of the company.” My ideal company offers products and solutions that I believe in and has a long term plan of success. I was a desirous of finding such location where I enjoy the work, challenges as well as the co-operative and friendly environment. I needed location which might develop interest rather than mere a job. Moreover I wanted job security with handsome salary and self-respect .I wish my job to be the source of enhancement of my knowledge and experience. My ideal job must be my passion instead of mere a profession.

Asma said:    
An ideal company is the one which provides good environment and security. And where I should enhance my skills. Ideal location is the one which provides good security and where the people around are honest and hardworking. Whereas ideal job is the one which gives satisfaction to the employees.

adila said:    
an ideal company is where can i do work dynamically and with interest.

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