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  let me know an example of your creativity

Ashraf said:    

Most of the teachers are creative but they don’t share their creative ability with their pupils. I believe in creation and consider it a real education to enable the students use their acquired knowledge in their practical life.

Once I decided to guide my previous students how to appear in an interview as they were feeling enough reluctance in this case. We gathered them at one place and started to guide them by different activities like role play. First day 95% students fail to talk and answer any question. Even most of them were afraid of paper reading. But we encouraged them for coming over the dice. We continued these types of mock interviews mostly prepared by the students. After a couple of weeks 95% of the participants of this activity got hundred percent confidences through speaking practice and interaction.

Asma said:    
Creativity does not relates with arts only. It means think different from others. Put up your own ideas and create new things. I love to create things from the materials that are not in use. There are so many examples of my creativity. One of my creativity is that I made eid cards for my friends using different materials.

adila said:    
creativity is just my positive thinking to put up in hard situations. i am a calligraphic person in arabic writing.

salam to all friends who shared their real views and thoughts related to every question and all were good views I learned a lot from you dear friends.But I appreciate miss Asma because she was very vivid and to the point in each and every section so whole heartedily hats off to you dear

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