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  Describe your aims

Rashid said:    

As being a teacher I have some dreams like every person that is quite natural.

I have some long term aims and some short term goals. I have short term goals to achieve my long term final aim. As an educationist I want to educate society. My plan is to move into a position of responsibility where I can lead the team.

Firstly, I want to prove myself as a best teacher in all aspects of teaching and ethically. I want to be a leading personality by enhancing my education and experience. As being a principal of college I may be in a position to bring about some reforms in my institute. I know the students are the major part of the society. If these are properly educated and ethically trained these can have vital role in the reformation of the society. I would hope to be here for many years –growing, learning, and contributing right alongside my students.

Asma said:    
Your aims and goals are something you want to achieve and be proud of it. My aim is to start a healthy career of my life where I should work hard, use my skills and enhance them. I want to learn new things, and to be a successfull person.

adila said:    
i want to grow up my personality apart myself and prove me a suitable person related to everything which i join.

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