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  Define differences between smart work and hard work

Nasir said:    

For me hard work is about working a lot (many hours), being focused on the task and delivering the best we can. A hard worker always seems to be in pressure about the end results. Sometime the entire labour goes waste after working long hours. It requires us a lot of time and energy as it is a conventional way of doing work.

Smart work is a mental work which is preplanned and focusses on the end results. Through innovations we find the alternative ways to save our physical labor and time. Smart work is about using all of your resources in such a way that even the hardest work seems easy.

Hard work may not be productive-just hard and endless while hard work is made smart work with preplanning and careful determination before launching effort.

Asma said:    
Smart work is a work which is done on a right path. We put in all our efforts in order to achieve fruitful results. In smart work we are completely sure about the results whereas hardwork means that the work is done without any direction. And the results to be achieved in hardwork are uncertain.

adila said:    
a hardworker is who avail his desired habbits with full devotion nearly or late its another issue but hardworking is the greatest than smart working. smartworking is the ability which is given by GOd there is no much need to do work hardly. hardworker can never be failure.

Moeed Khan said:    
hard work can be done with full concentration and dedication while smart work can be done with mental tricks and with good plans.

MIR MURTAZA said:    
smart work is what you plan and how you achieve easily and comfortably whereas hard work is that you are very dedicated to bring the best result on the right time which is uncertain

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