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  What are your feelings about working on weekends and nights

zeeshan said:    

I feel very bad when I am working on weekends and nights. When we are not working properly in working hours, we should have to work nights and weekends. It raises doubts about the efficiency of the persons working in an institute or a company.

Generally I like to spend my weekends with my family to refresh myself for the further work. If I work sincerely and with full concentration in working hours, there is no question of pending work which may create more tension and stress..

However if my institute demands my urgent services which are fruitful for my institute, I will be ready to work even at weekends and nights. When we join any institute means we own that institute. For the promotion of productivity and reputation of my institute, it is my duty to fulfill the requirements of the institute and demands of my job. .

Asma said:    
Working on nights and weekends is surely a big deal. It greatly reflects the effeciency of both the company and the employer. Working on nights and weekends probably means that the company is looking for some extraload on you. Being a girl, I believe that working at night is not secure for girls. So I should prefer to complete my task within the given deadline instead of working on night and weekends.

adila said:    
working on nights for me a sign which indicates to finish my work abruptly before next morning. its my habbit to do work on night. i feel easeness.

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