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  Clarify the difference between over confidence and confidence

Amin said:    

These are interrelated but two different approaches.

Act of determination after knowing your limits (means chances of failures) is confidence. A confident person knows all the ins and outs of the task and is ready for possible coming problems and still he takes it as a challenge trusting on his skills and experience. Confidence is the best tool to do things successfully and it is a positive part of one’s personality. Results don’t matter but your confidence matters.

Act of determination without knowing your limits (means ignoring slightest chance of failure) is over confidence. While if there is 99% chance of your success and still you ignore chances of 1% failure then you are said to be over overconfident. Over confident person have no slightest control over the end results. A confident person has the capacity to consult possible problem with other co-workers while overconfident person wants others to follow him without any comment.

Asma said:    
over confident means that you are not knowledgeable in something and just pretending whereas confident means that you are knowledgeable in something.

adila said:    
overconfidence is the artificiality and a fake mask with hollowness.... and the confidence is the ability to face any reality even bitter or better with calmness and believe.

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