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Interview :: HR interview questions and answers for freshers

  Reasons for hiring you

khalid said:    

I consider myself surely the best person who should be selected for this job as I find it very near to my nature and I fulfill all the requirements needed for this job. I am self-confident, proper qualified and well disciplined to fulfill the demands of this profession. So many candidates are there with proper qualification and experience.

Let me say that have an enthusiastic approach towards this profession as it is my innate dream. I am seeker of excellence in life and passionately committed to this profession. My visible goals working with energetic team, my attitude, aptitude and my brilliant world class past results recommend me for selection for this job.

Asma said:    
I have the ability to do this job. I am a confident girl who works with full devotion and enthusiasm. Ialways get my work done on time. I am a very committed person and very honest. I am a good team player. And I am capable enough to get hired.

adila said:    
i am here to join with my best efforts and i am dutiful to do my task only sincerity.

Shoaib Hussain said:    
I am just know that this job for me.I am just promise that I do my best.

Mehboob said:    
My Qualification, experience and skills are according to this job. I can perform duties in best possible way.

MIR MURTAZA said:    
Because I am the best person for this job.I know you are interviewing other students with similar qualifications in terms of my degree and my internship. Yet I have one year accounting teaching experience as well as I have quick learning and effective communication skills. I believe I can maximize my skills for the benefits of the company to the best of my knowledge and ability because I have all of the required qualifications that you are asking for in this job. I am a very committed person as well as a good team player.

Waqas Anwar From Sha said:    
I can use my skills and abilities efficiently in such like environment of your company. i will do my best and will show myself an asset of your company.

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