Interview :: HR interview questions and answers for freshers

Introduce Yourself
Reasons for hiring you
Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses
Reasons to work with this company
Clarify the difference between over confidence and confidence
What are your feelings about working on weekends and nights
Define differences between smart work and hard work
How you work during pressure
Can you relocate yourself or travel happily
Describe your aims
What things encourages you to do a good job
let me know an example of your creativity
After hiring how much long you can work for us
What was your ideal company, location and job
Are you over qualified for this post
How many career options are there right now for you
Brief that you would be an asset for the company
What are your other interests
From Whom you are much inspired in life and why
What were your tough decisions in life ever
Have you ever thought for your own business
How do you define success
if you get huge money like get a 10 million lottery, Would you continue work
What you have heard about our organization
What are your salary expectations
What do you see yourself after five years from now
Would you lie for the organization
Rate me as an interviewer on the scale of 1-10
Any questions about me and organization

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