Interview :: HR interview questions for managers

Reason of resignation from the previous job
Why so many jobs you did
Why have you been out of work so long
Any of your work criticized then how you feel that
Could you have done better in your previous job?
Any most boring job you have ever done
May i contact your present employer for a reference?
how much time have you worked in a week
What is the toughest challenge you have ever faced?
Have you been absent from your work for a few days in your last job?
What changes you want to make if you come on board?
What you will say to your boss if he is crazy to an idea and you feel it stinks?
How could you have improved your career progress?
Share frankly strong and weak points of your boss?
Have a glance on your previous job,have you succeeded in best work?
why should i hire you from outside when i could promote someone from within?
if you have to report to a younger person,how do you feel?
Looking back what would you do differently in your life?
why are not you earning more money at this stage of your career?

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