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1.  The name of Afghanistan's parliament is:
A. Loyal Jirga B. National Assembly
C. National Congress D. National Parliament

2.  The name Albania's parliament is
A. National Assembly B. Kuvend Popollore
C. Congress D. Parliament

3.  The name of Algeria's parliament is:
A. People's National Assembly B. Congress
C. Parliament D. People's Assembly

4.  Angola's parliament is:
A. Congress B. National People's Assembly
C. Federal Assembly D. National Congress

5.  Argentina's parliament is:
A. National Congress B. Federal Parliament
C. Federal Assembly D. Parliament

6.  Australia's parliament is:
A. Federal Parliament B. National Assembly
C. Congress D. House of Representatives

7.  Austria's parliament is:
A. Federal Assembly B. Parliament
C. Congress D. National Assembly

8.  Bahrain's parliament is:
A. National Assembly B. Congress
C. House of Lords D. House of Commons

9.  Bangladesh's parliament is:
A. Jatiya Sangsad B. Congress
C. National Assembly D. Federal Assembly

10.  Brazil's parliament is:
A. Federal Council B. National Congress
C. Federal Assembly D. Folketing

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