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1.  The source of Yellow River is:
A. Mts. Tannu-Ola B. Ontario Lake
C. Hasca Lake D. Mts. Of China Kunlan

2.  The biggest river of the world is:
A. Ob B. Nile
C. Volga D. Purus

3.  The length of the Amazon River is:
A. 6296 km B. 5910 km
C. 7111 km D. 8110 km

4.  The outflow of Yang tze Kiang River is:
A. Gulf of St. Lawrence B. Amazon River
C. China Sea D. Ob River

5.  The source of Volga River is:
A. Himalayas B. Valdai Plateau
C. Altai Mts. D. Peruvian Andes

6.  The approximate length of Indus River is:
A. 2897 km B. 3010 km
C. 4001 km D. 2910 km

7.  The source of Indus River is:
A. Black forest B. Nepal
C. Himalayas D. China

8.  The outflow of Indus River is:
A. Black Sea B. Shatt-al-Arab
C. Arabian Sea D. Atlantic Ocean

9.  Darling is the name of:
A. Island B. Sea
C. Lake D. River

10.  Orange is the famous river of:
A. Australia B. Lesotho
C. Russia D. Turkey

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